Rope structure with linear LED-lines

Connecting the new Convention Center to the the Performing Arts Center in the heart of Long Beach, California, the Rainbow Bridge is 180m (600ft) of light experience. In keeping with the marine theme, the tunnel/bridge is styled to imitate waves which break above the walkway, bathing the visitor in a shower of colored lights. To accomplish this, the designers at ARUP San Francisco employed a series of 76 steel arches woven together by a series of intersecting 10mm cables, enclosing the bridge as a tunnel structure while providing fall protection on the sides. In order to keep the cables in line, as well as to protect and mount the 3500 LED nodes, the designers at Carl Stahl developed custom stainless steel clamps to complement the cross-cable design. This design also served to simplify installation and maintenance. Using DMX as the control protocol, all light effects are coordinated to provide an integrated show along the length of the bridge.