Organic shaped steel structure covered with X-LED Mesh

As a showpiece in the newly-renovated Terminal C concourse at Newark Liberty Int’l Airport, the Airport Authority turned to to the skills of the world -renowned Lab at Rockwell Group for conceptual design for an eye-catching feature at the “Y” in the concourse. Working from a conceptual rendering, the designer/engineers at Carl Stahl fleshed -out the concept with a structure and the requisite engineering that brought it all to life. The organic shaped steel skeleton, with a total height of 12m and a diameter of 6m, is enclosed in a single, seamless 140m², 3-dimensional wrap of Carl Stahl X-TEND Mesh, complete with 17000 integrated, addressable LED nodes on 90mm spacing. Like the mesh substructure, the graphics are seamless as well, controlled by DMX which offers unlimited creative possibilities.