X-LED Mesh

 Media Façade, Dynamic Light Ceilings, Light Sculptures and much more


By mounting the LED dots to the retaining ferrules of our stainless steel wire mesh using tempered stainless steel clips, it is possible to achieve pixel pitches in 10mm increments from 50mm to 300mm.
The resulting integrated unit is not only lightweight and exceptionally strong, but also presents a low profile to wind forces. Given these attributes, the mesh can bridge significant spans with no intermediate support, all backed by the engineering and design support that has been the hallmark of Carl Stahl for 140 years.

All of the LED dots are individually controlled by DMX and are designed for everything from simple on/off to video applications with a selection of RGB, RGBW, 4000K white as well as tunable white from 2400K to 6000K.
As an integrated system of structure and addressable lighting, X-LED delivers a complete solution and single-source responsibility, whether your design concept includes Media Façade, Dynamic Light Ceilings, Light Sculptures, or whatever you can imagine. Design without the limitations of grid sizes, node spacing, or 2-dimensional forms.

Product Details:

Mesh width / Pitch:

50mm – 300mm


65% – 96%

Weight / m²:

5,23kg – 0,36kg

Dimension LED-Mesh:

LED-Mesh dimension:


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