X-LED Customized

Customized solutions for LED light modules and their mounting / support structure


At Carl Stahl Architektur, we believe that your wish is our command. For this reason, we tailor each project to your vision as no two projects or site conditions are the same. Your design intent drives our selection of node spacing, attachment methods, and production processes, among other factors, to give you the look and function that you set out to achieve. We see our role as providing complete array solutions. Our commitment goes beyond just lighting to encompass the whole scope: planning, engineering, structure, and attachment, to ensure that your vision becomes reality.

The best outcomes are happen when we can work with you from concept to completion. It is never too early in the design process to contact us to examine feasibility and budget your vision. Please contact our Project Management Group or your Local Representative to start lighting it up!

Product details:



Support structure:

According to design requirements

Service performance:

Feasibility study, Design-Concept, cost estimation

Scope of services:

System partner on key architectural projects


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