X-LED Line & Fixtures

LED chains in a wide range of designs


The visual magic of the X-LED System is provided by the individually addressable LED nodes. Each node is equipped with 3 or 4 diodes to support RGB, RGBW, 4000k white, or tunable white (2400K-6000K). The distance between nodes on a given line is up to you and your design, starting at 40mm, on up with custom spacing the norm rather than the exception.

To carry the current and signal, our flat, multi strand ribbon cable allows your end user to replace nodes in-place and individually, eliminating the need to replace an entire line for the failure of a single node. Combined with automaticb re-addressing, the savings in the rare case of a node failure is significant. All ribbon cables and nodes are available in black and clear. Custom colors are available, but minimum quantities are required.

Carl Stahl offers an array of options, including but not limited to: Catenary cable attachment, channels, off-angle clips, railings, clamps and even magnetic attachment, depending upon design requirements and site conditions.

Product details:

Pixel pitch:

Custom, from 40mm +

Number of LED-Dots per line:

1-56 pc.

Color range:

RGB, RGBW, 4000K, tunable white 2400 – 6000K




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