Visual highlight with a practical use:
X-LED light ceiling at the World Conference Center in Bonn

The Welckerpassage at the WCCB (World Conference Center) in Bonn is now embellished by an undulating ceiling made of X-LED by Carl Stahl Architecture.
The pedestrian underpass links the new congress hall of the WCCB with the neighboring Marriott Hotel and its GOP variety theater. The Carl Stahl ceiling feature is a great example of form following function.  As a former delivery corridor, the ceiling was dominated by exposed mechanical elements, i.e., ducts, pipes, dampers, etc., all overrun by nesting pigeons.  The challenge, then, was to create a type of  ceiling that would distract the eye from the mechanicals and keep the pigeons out, while allowing access to the mechanicals by maintenance personnel.

To address this challenge, the designers at Carl Stahl Architektur started with a fully framed 40mm structural X-TEND mesh over the entire 600m2 ceiling to box out the pigeons.  To that, 2600 fully addressable RGB LED nodes with a light intensity of 11cd were added in a diagonal pattern to distract the eye, while access hatches were strategically placed for maintenance access.  The curves, then, were based upon access to the HVAC dampers, while providing a unique 3-dimensional ceiling form.

The impressive ceiling solution now ensures that the Welckerpassage can fulfill its intended purpose as a gateway to the WCCB and promenade for visitors, tourists and anyone just out for a walk.